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Nanomechanical Education System
For Every Discipline of Undergraduate Engineering Students

NanoGuruTM Includes practicums that provide students with a strong foundation in nanomechanical science:

- Instrumentation and Measurement Science at the Nanoscale
- Basics of Instrumented Indentation
- Elasticity and Plasticity
- Structure-Property Correlation at the Nanoscale
- Thin Film Mechanical Properties
- Time Dependent Mechanical Properties

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Supplying precision 3D Machinery

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  • STEM and Digital Media Arts
  • Possible applications on a College Campus:
    • Technology Elective for Freshman or students with Undeclared Major
    • Practical Lab for STEM Education Majors
    • Resource Lab to enhance academic class projects
    • 21st Century Library/Media Center
    • K-12 Outreach – Summer Camps and Afterschool
    • Night life - alternative culture (to the party scene)
    • Maker Space Environment